One-on-One Middle School Mentoring

EMPOWER is a three year empower based mentor program. It is designed for incoming 6th grade students to be matched with one mentor, who would follow that student through the program until their 8th grade year.

EMPOWER uses age appropriate e-mentoring along with the one-on-one in person mentoring. For the 6th grade year the students will learn about internet safety through different workshops. During the 7th grade year the students will correspond with their mentors through emails, learning about emailing safety, and the proper way of using email as communication. Then in the 8th grade year the students will engage in a monthly web chat with their mentor, learning about changing technology, safety of online web chats, and also social media safety.

Mentors and students meet three times a month. Twice a month, are one-on-one meetings, where the mentor and student get to know each other, while the third meeting is a monthly workshop where the whole group comes together and learns about different tools that can help the student navigate middle school society, and deal with the many other issues they are dealing with during that time in their life. 10556525_365291860307152_2248961415443491333_n