Empower Mentoring Program, like many other organizations, was really just a dream. Our founder and executive director, while in college, remembered how being a part of a mentoring program in high school really helped her succeed, but many of her peers, it seemed to not be enough, or realistically, too late. So, as a homework assignment for a class, she created the program that started this all.

There has been many changes, but instead of waiting for years, Julia, along with a few fellow University of Washington graduates, came together soon after graduation in 2013 and founded Empower Mentoring Program.

The program started in the fall of 2013 with the 6th grade class at Denny International Middle School. With a very meager budget, little support in terms of volunteers, and many other start up struggles, the program flourished. The students and mentors came together, bonded, grew in their relationships, and many of the students have come back to continue the program as 7th grade students.

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