Welcome to our 2017-2018 cohort!

November 2017-Launch Night

On Thursday, November 9th, we hosted our launch workshop. Mentors and students came to the workshop, nervous and excited to meet their match. We started the evening by playing a name game called Bumpitiy Bump Bump. Someone in the middle had to point to another person and ask them to either identify the person to their left, right, or if bumpity bump bump was called, both people. Most people have a hard time remembering names, but our cohort this year played this game with ease, and quickly learned everyone’s names.

Our second game was called Crossword Connections. Everyone had to write their name across a page and talk to the other participants to find things in common, in order to connect their names, similar to a crossword. Depending on the lette2017-11-09 18.50.36 googlers of their names, some participants had to really stretch to complete their cross words.

Following, we played Colorful Conversations, were we had to answer different questions depending on which Skittle we wanted to eat. Participants shared what they were most proud of this week, (Robert’s was finishing a book), their favorite thing about school (Eve’s was having lunch with her friends), and one thing they learned this week, (Susan shared how she learned about tectonic plates in science).

Our last game of the night was a question game. Mentors and students stood in two circles, facing each other and answered questions. They talked about their favorite movies, what super power they would have, and what their favorite childhood book was. eve and jamila


Now came the fun part, MATCHING! Everyone wrote down 2 names of the people they wanted to work with this year. With lots of clapping, cheering and celebratory, everyone was matched.


Our matches this year are: 
Mike, Rivers and Tommy
Wilson and Ty
Josh and Robert
Bibek and Manuel
Jamila and Jessica
Rachel and Susan
Claudia and Eve
Lani and Alex

launch night matches 2017