May 2016-Drugs and Alcohol Awareness

During our May workshop we discussed alcohol and drug awareness. We talked about the reasons why people drink, and the many different consequences of drinking, which include regrets, can’t drive safely, having suicidal feelings and many more.

2016-05-05 19.31.12-2

One topic that was very important, was discussing how alcohol is used to cover up people’s feelings. Students learned that when using alcohol to mask their feelings, they don’t learn to cope with those feelings, which can add damage to their future coping skills. The students brainstormed other activities to do when dealing with strong emotions instead of reaching for a drink. Here are their alternatives.

“If you are feeling shy or nervous, you should join a familiar activity, find friends, or tell jokes. If you are bored, instead of drinking, you could read, play video games, watch TV, or play sports.
When you are lonely, and depressed, you should talk to someone you trust, or spend time with family and friends, instead of drinking.”
2016-05-05 19.32.00
Our students came up with many alternatives to drinking. In the real world, they can rely on what we discussed and learned at this workshop and put into action instead of drinking or using drugs.

For some fun, we played Pictionary with alcohol facts. The students learned many different effects and consequences of drinking and of other illicit drugs.

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