Making A Difference-February 2018 Workshop

Volunteering in the Community
2018-02-12 13.26.16This month we decided to talk about, and experience what it means to make a difference in our community. Our mentors and students traveled down to the World Vision Teacher Resource Center in Fife, WA for 3 hours of volunteer work. 

The World Vision Teacher Resource Center is a warehouse where teachers that work at qualifying schools can pick up materials and supplies that are needed in their classrooms. Our group spent a Saturday there, helping make the warehouse run smoothly. 

Our group split into two teams. The first team went to work, unboxing, sorting, and organizing items donated to the resource center by Costco. All these items were returns to the store. The group had to unpack each item, and then place it with similar items throughout the warehouse. 

Our second group spent their 3 hours opening and sorting brass pieces. They had to sort based on dirty brass (had plastic attached), and clean brass. At first, these seems like a weird job to do at a teacher resource center, but we quickly learned that World Vision sells these small brass pieces for cash, and then uses that to buy supplies needed for their teachers. In 2 months, World Vision was able to sell the brass for $40,000! 

Our mentors and students quickly realized how even a small job, can make a large lasting impact. Hopefully our students will keep this experience with them, and continue to volunteer in their communities now, and in their futures.