Launch Workshop-November 2016

Launch Workshop
In Early November, we hosted our 2016-2017 launch workshop. Eight mentors and eight students attended, ready to engage with each other and learn who their match would be. Additionally, this year we have one junior mentor, Tyler, a past participant, whom is now in high school.
The group participated in many ice breakers to get to know each other. We played one called ‘Connecting Stories’ where participants had to start telling a story about themselves, and take turns connecting the prior story to their own individual story. This showed how interconnected the groups were, and what similarities they all shared.
At the end of the evening, pairs were matched. Say hello to our 2016-2017 matches.

For our November community outing, Julia, our executive director, hosted a brunchgiving potluck. Mentors and students created delicious treats, and spent a few hours together. Everyone enjoyed the time spent together. This year we have a smart bunch, and the group spent some time exchanging riddles.

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