January 2017-Internet Safety and The Living Computer Museum

This month our students and mentors learned about internet safety. We started the evening by discussing how to keep ourselves safe online.
internet safety 2
Our tips included

-Changing passwords often
-Talk to adults
-Don’t share too much
-Ignore, Block, Tell

internet safety
‘Tracking Teresa’ video and discussion

After discussing how to stay safe online, we viewed a video produced by Netsmartz titled “Tracking Teresa”. In this video we saw how easily it was to track someone online by using their personal information posted on the internet. Students and their mentors created an ‘Internet Safety Action Plan’. Watch the video here.

2017-01-29 (1)

We decided a fun way to learn about ‘trust’ online, was to play 2 truths and a lie. We experienced how hard it is to figure out what is true about someone, even someone you thought you knew.

The Living Computer Museum

This month, our community outing was at the Living Computer Museum. Mentors and students enjoyed exploring vintage computers, playing ‘The Oregon Trail’ on the Apple Lisa 2, and driving the first 3-D self-driving car. Students and mentors interacted with new technology, drove robots, and used vintage computers to make punch tape. Spending time at the Living Computer Museum is always a blast.
rivers and han living computer museum