March 2017-Healthy Living

What is healthy living?

During our March workshop, we discussed what is included in a healthy lifestyle. Students and mentors decided that beyond just eating fruits and vegetables, portion control is also a key component. We had also decided that healthy living is dependent on each person, because every body is different.

Mentors and students spent 10 minutes participating in a workout video. They all did great, trying each move, but there were plenty of complaints voiced, as some moves were harder than others.
Mixed Messages: Living in a supersized world

healthy living 1
For our next activity, we discussed how there are many different body types, and there are different definitions of healthy based on those body types. Students and mentors then started investigating what was portrayed in different fashion advertisements that are commonly seen in teen magazines. It was decided that out of all the ads, none of them portrayed people of varying body types, all were tall and skinny. They also decided that none of the ads portrayed the models actually using the products advertised.

Everyone decided that advertisements do not portray the normal, every body type, and that what is shown through advertisements teaches youth to achieve this body type, which is unrealistic, and unhealthy for many individuals.
healthy living2
Coming Up…

Next month, we will be having a guest speaker come in to talk with the students about perseverance. We will also be taking some mentors and students to volunteer at World Vision’s warehouse, to learn the importance of giving back to our communities.