Goals, goals and more goals. February 2017 workshop

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For our February workshop, we decided to focus on goal setting. We talked about the importance of goal setting, and a S.M.A.R.T goal is the best kind of goal to make. Our students and mentors worked together to create one academic goal and one life goal. Students also created game boards outlining the different steps they need to take to achieve their goal.

Some goals that were set included

Getting enough sleep every night
Reading two books a month
Get an A in science class
Receive 100 subscriptions on YouTube
Students also talked with their mentors to work out how their mentor would support their goal. Some mentors are going to study with their student once a week, others are going to do a book club with them.

We will be keeping track of our student’s progress with their goals, and provide support along the way. In early May, we will see how successful our students were at achieving their goals.

For our community outing, mentors and students went to the Seattle Pinball Museum and played pinball. It was a fun, light-hearted outing, with some people’s competitiveness side’s coming out.
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First and foremost, thank you to all our supporters who made it out to Zippy’s Giant Burgers on February 23rd. There was a great turn out throughout the day, and Zippy’s was able to donate $708. This donation was all because of supporters like you, who showed up, spent quality time together, and enjoyed some good burgers. Thank you!

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