January 2016-Dreams, Passions, and Wooden Boats.

This month we dove in, and discussed following our dreams and being passionate. One of our first activity, was to take a passion test, so everyone wrote down five things they are passionate about, and then they drew out themselves performing their top passion. Then we discussed what traits passionate people possess. These included; drive, enthusiasm, vision, dedication, intelligence, endurance, happiness, ambition, heart, goal driven and many more.

We then broke into mentor/student matches, and had our students research other successful dreamers/passionate people who share their own passions, and find tips for them to use so they could achieve their own dreams. Here are some of our student’s dreams and steps to achieving those dreams.

        “My dream career is to make video games”, says Nevelen, a 7th grader. She took some advice from Peter Akemann, who’s tips were ‘plan it, sketch it, build it and then release it’. Now Nevelen set a goal for herself to raise her math grades so she can become a video game developer.

Nayeli, one of our 8th grade students, is passionate about animals. This month, she researched Debbye Turner, a vet, and now wants to make sure she works on getting good grades in science, so she too, can get into veterinary school in the future

For our community outing this month, we went to the Center for Wooden Boats, and the Museum of History and Industry, or MOHAI. We learned about different areas of Seattle history, and a few of our students and mentors, even got to ride, and steer, a sail boat.