February 2016-Guest Speaker Jeff Guy

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If anyone asked a middle school student what their hobbies were, many would say that playing video games would make their top 5 favorite hobbies. For our February workshop, we decided to give the students a workshop that would connect their love of video games, to a potential career in the video game world.

We had a guest speaker, Jeff Guy, a producer at Bungie Inc. Bungie Inc is a video game developer. Some of the games they have developed include Marathon, Halo, and their latest game Destiny. Jeff has worked on Halo 4, Xbox Kinect, Fable 3 and Destiny. He came to us with his insight into the world of video game development, and also brought with him life advice that will impact our students for years to come.

Jeff has been working in the video game industry for about 10 years, starting out as a video game tester, and then moving through the ranks to his current position as producer. One thing he drove home to our students was that with passion you can do anything. He asked the students to think about what inspired them, and then to think further and see what their strengths were. From there he went on to talk about the many different career options within the video game world for many different interests and strengthens, including artist, programmer, audio engineer, animators, writers, and more. There are many different jobs within developing a video game, and any of our students could go into a career in video games.

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Jeff had some great advice for our students, when asked how to get noticed in the video game industry, he said to “Focus on knowing your personal goals, look for opportunities to showcase your strength and passion be it through college or other means. In a crowd of people, the passionate glow.”
He also had some great life advice. One idea he shared with us, is something that Jeff’s own father told him, “Know what you’re good at, know your strengths, and be confident in those strengths whatever they are”.

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Our students and mentors alike, had many questions for Jeff, and were very engaged. It was a great workshop. Jeff left us with one more quote of advice, which everyone can apply to their life, “Try to be aware of what things you can and can’t control in your life. Don’t let the things you can’t control overwhelm you, and use the things you can control as a way to maximize your strengths and showcase your passion”.
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