December 2015 workshop: Internet Safety

We talked about how to evaluate websites, like only using trusted sources for homework, and about appropriate postings. We talked about posting inappropriate things could affect their lives now, or in the future. We then moved on to talk about sexual solicitation online, and how if something like that happens, the steps that should be followed, such as reporting it to a trusted adult, the authorities, and also never meeting someone they met online, in person.

Then we moved on to talk about the repercussions of running away. All the participants wrote down one life goal and one life accomplishment they want to achieve their life time. We placed these on a timeline, and made a fake person, named Natasha. In Natasha’s life, she got good grades, went to college and graduated early, became a MMA fighter and a NFL quarterback, bought a few houses and remolded others, flew in new airplane, saved for her future child’s college, and died happily. Before most of these goals and accomplishments could happen, Natasha got into a fight with her parents at age 14, and ran away. She had to live on the streets, pan handling or worse for money, and never returned home. Because of this decision, she could never achieve her goals. The students then discussed and wrote out options for Natasha to do, instead of running away. These included, staying with a relative, talking to a trusted adult, talking to her parents after everyone has calmed down. In the video, which you can watch by clicking the photo below, ¬†you can see everyone’s goals, accomplishments, and their alternatives to running away.

For our December outing, some mentors and students went and enjoyed the Living Computer Museum. We took a tour, and learned about the many computers they have, that currently still work, we even got to see the computer that Bill Gates and Paul Allen learned on! The students and mentors then got to explore, and play on all the old and new technology. A few students even discovered the fun of The Oregon Trail.