April 2016-Healthy Living

For our April workshop we learned all about healthy living. We started out the workshop by getting our hearts pumping, by doing a kickboxing workout video. It was hard work, but everyone enjoyed getting their bodies moving.

We talked about where our food comes from, and discovered how many factory farms are in Washington. We also talked about eating sustainable and local, and we found out which foods are locally grown in Washington and in season now. We then worked with our mentors and tracked how far our breakfast’s traveled. One student’s breakfast came from Michigan and traveled 1894 miles to get to her plate!

2016-04-19 12.43.02

Throughout the evening, we were keeping track of how many snacks we ate. At the end of the workshop, students had to guess how much sugar was in their favorite snack, and then add up how much sugar they ate during our two hours together. A grown woman is only supposed to eat 6 teaspoons a day, while a man can eat 9 teaspoons a day. As group, we ate a combined 135 teaspoons of sugar in two hours!
2016-04-19 12.55.12 DSCN4682

This past week, we honored each and every mentor on social media for volunteer appreciation week. We love our mentors, and want them to know that. On Saturday, our executive director Julia, hosted a mentor appreciation bowling event. It was a blast!
Coming up we have some exciting events. In just two weeks, on May 3rd, The Seattle Foundation’s 6th annual Give Big is occurring. On Tuesday May 3rd, if you donate to Empower Mentoring Program, The Seattle Foundation will match every dollar, to make your donation go further. ALSO the board of directors will additionally match every dollar up to $300!! Mark May 3rd and use the link below to donate! Without your support, we cannot provide mentors to our students.
We also have a fundraiser coming up on June 5th. At this fundraiser we will be honoring our current 8th grade students, hearing from mentors and students, and talking about how you can support Empower Mentoring Program.