Completion Ceremony-June 2015

The year has come to an end. Both our 6th and 7th grade cohorts came together one last time in the beginning of June to play games, reminisce about favorite memories, and share some kind words about each other.




First game the group played was human knot. A bit challenging, but all the more hilarious, with a few students unable to untangle themselves from the heap.

Then we played a game similar to telephone. The mentors and students sat in two lines and the person in the back of the line had to spell out a word on the person in front of them’s back. This game can be very challenging as people write their letters differently, and it was fun to see which words each group thought they were spelling.



Of course we had to complete some end of the year surveys, and then it was time to eat some delicious cupcakes and juice, and share some favorite memories, which included, hiking, roller skating, being able to share anything with their mentors and more.

We also released the 2015 Summer bucket list. If mentors and students complete the items and share their photos online with #empowerbucketlist2015 they get points, and in the fall whoever has the most points gets a free dinner.

Overall it was a great evening, and a great end to a fantastic second year at Denny International Middle School. Keep your eyes and ears open for some summer events, and thank you everyone for being a part of the program this past year.