Launch Workshop-November 2018

IMG_1577On November 8th 2018, we hosted our 6th Annual Launch workshop, which is the kick off to what should be a fun, successful, full of growth and confidence building year of mentoring. Earlier this fall, our mentors sat down with a past mentor to learn, from personal experience, what to expect, and how to create a lasting and beneficial relationship. Our mentors left that discussion ready to be open, honest and supportive of their future students. IMG_1525
Our mentors and students first arrived at Launch a little nervous, but quickly opened up when we started playing our ice breakers. Through all of these different games, the participants shared information about themselves, and learned about the others in the group.
The first game of the evening was “Colorful Names”. This was an ‘easy’ game to introduce ourselves, and test us on our memory of those before us. We went around the room and came up with a name to call ourselves, that was hopefully easy to remember, and then had to recall the participants before us. Say hello to our current participants:
Awkward Patrice, Yellow Laniyah, Jessica Ladybug, Manuel Gorilla, Tall Andy, Hesitant Mona, Sunshine Shanaya, Koala Kalisto, Jose Monkey, and Funny Dayanara. It was hard to remember everyone’s name, and it was fun to see how some people only remembered the ‘colorful’ part of the names.
Next we played a game called Categories. Everyone got into groups of 3, and had to come up with 6 similarities everyone shared. It was fun to see the groups share so much so quick, as a way to find 6 things in common with everyone in their group. Shayana, Jessica and Manuel ended up having their love of reading, italian food, Nike, basketball, rap and the color blue in common. IMG_1531
Then we played ‘Catch the ball’. When you caught the ball, you had to answer a question, and then ask someone else a questions as you threw it to them. Some of the questions were challenging to our participants, and required some quick thinking, while others knew their answers right away. When Dayanara was asked what food she wished she was allergic to, she rapidly responded ‘mushrooms’. IMG_1549
Near the end of the evening, everyone filled out a short form, listing their top 3 choices of whom they wanted to be paired with this school year. Here are our fantastic 2018-2019 matches! 2018-2019 matches