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WE NEED YOU! Mentors are adults, who have some life experience, who have something to offer, are great listeners, and can commit to volunteering for 1 Syntria and Deborahyear.
WHEN? You will meet with your student three times a month from November through June. Your one-on-ones will be on your schedules. Workshops will be in the evenings, and occasionally on Saturday mornings.
WHAT WILL I DO? As a mentor you will provide insight, share your own stories, listen to your student’s problems, and show support. You can attend their sporting events and musical concerts. Play board games and make holiday cookies together. Learn a new hobby together and do a 2-person book club. Whatever your, and your students interests are, have fun!

Empower Mentoring Program provides adult mentors to middle school aged youth in Seattle. Mentors help instill confidence, responsibility, hobbies, interests, resiliency, and self-esteem in their students. Mentors can also act as another trusted adult, and an opportunity to gain insight from others outside student’s direct neighborhoods and circumstances.
IMG_7508A mentor is an older, wiser friend. Mentors and students work together throughout the school year, engaging in fun, twice monthly outings, where they get to get to know each other, learn new things, and deepen their relationship.
Empower Mentoring Program understands that middle school is challenging, so monthly we host a workshop where difficult situations are discussed, and where students and mentors can learn skills and vocabulary around different challenging times.
Workshop themes can include:
• Suicide Prevention and Awareness
• Healthy Living and Healthy Body Image
• Cyberbullying and Internet Safety
• Trust and Communication Skill Building
• Leadership

Meet John. He is very excited to be working with his 7th grade student Alex. They met for the first-time last month, and things are still a bit slow, but John is excited for their first one-on-one outing this month. Today John and Alex are going to the Living Computer Museum. At their last meeting, Alex had mentioned that he loves playing computer games, so John thought it would be fun to show Alex the history behind computers, and then play some classics-like the Oregon Trail at the museum. 2018-03-05 14.42.18

Turns out-this outing was a blast. They spent hours together exploring the museum, playing old games, and then getting an early dinner at a burger place. While their relationship is still new, Alex shared with John that he enjoys video games so much, because they give him time to himself. John is excited to see where this relationship goes.

A few weeks later, John and Alex planned to go to see the new Avengers movie. Both guys were very excited as they both loved super heroes. After the movie, the spent time together at a local coffee shop and played a board game. John shared some of his favorite memories of being young with Alex, and found that they are many similar interests.

As time went past, Alex and John met up to attend the monthly workshop. They discussed with a guest speaker suicide prevention. While it was a tough subject, and Alex didn’t talk much at the workshop, when they were alone at dinner Alex had lots of insight and questions. The workshop got him thinking and provided John with vocabulary and resources to be more available and helpful for Alex.
Each month, Alex and John do similar activities, and each month their bond grows deeper and the trust and communication flow smoother.

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