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Rachel and Susan

“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained.” -Shawn Hitchcock

The middle school years are a tough time for young people. This time of transition is filled with myriad changes: increased responsibilities, peer pressure, confusion and lack of motivation, in addition to natural changes. This is the time when young adults are building their self-esteem and their confidence. Unfortunately, many students go through these changes alone because they don’t know where to turn. They feel misunderstood by their peers, or maybe have difficult relationships with their family. These formative years are when they love and rely on friends and need the most authentic support.

This is where you are important. As a volunteer mentor, you are that friend and support system. Through spending time together, having fun and enjoying each other, your student partner will become more confident and comfortable in his or her own skin. Your mentee will have a glimpse of your life and experiences, which many times are vastly different than theirs. In return, you will be welcomed into your student’s life, as you create the foundation of newfound knowledge and friendship.

As a mentor, you will spend time with your youth three times a month: twice one-on-one, and once during our monthly group workshops. Even if you are busy, if you have four free hours a month, you can make a difference.
A key part of our program is building a community for our youth; along with one-on-one time spent with you, everyone attends monthly program sponsored outings. While these outings appear to be simply for fun, they have a large learning component, and in them we discuss topics important to our students, such as body image and confidence, bullying, communication, dating, and family. These outings are scheduled once a month and vary in location to allow for variety to the group and scheduling.

Think back to your middle school experience. How amazing would it have been to have had a mentor – a person dedicated to your success – to look up to and from whom to gain benefit? By giving just hours each month, you can become a permanent good in a young person’s life. We all deserve to become the best version of ourselves that we can be. Sign up for more information and you could give a middle school youth the love, support, and friendship they need.

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