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I am originally from Pensacola, Florida. I am a graduate of the University of West Florida. I moved here in 2015 with my employer, GEICO. I am the manager of the claims department. I enjoy shopping, reading, watching all types of sports and bowling.






I’m Kalisto Nanen, Listo for short. I am the youngest child in my birth family and eldest child in my adopted family. I’m originally from Chicago Illinois, yet love Seattle. I am a nonprofit Visitor Services Manager, yet in my free time I love volunteering, am a big foodie, reading, snowboarding, mountain biking, sailing, trail running, and going to events around town.






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I am a West Coast Native in love with people, Instagram worthy foods and making the world a better place. I believe in my generation and the generations to come and am excited to be a part of fostering partnerships that help all of us thrive and work together for something bigger than ourselves! I am genuinely excited about life and hope to inspire others to live a life that they love and want to share with others!







Rachel and Susan
I am currently 30 years old from Harrisville MI. I am a claims adjuster at Geico. My favorite drink is a white chocolate mocha with nutmeg. I am currently binge watching “My Little Pony’s”. My dream vacation is Europe. If I had $1 Million I would pay off my student loans and start a foundation for reading.






Hi, I’m Mona! I’m 25 years old, and I take the phrase carpe diem pretty seriously. I think life is crazy, but can be very beautiful. So I’m always trying to make it fun and help others see the fun in it too. I’m always trying new hobbies, but I particularly love anything where I can eat. I’m also a big fan of movies, yoga, rock climbing, and traveling. When I’m not exploring life, I freelance as a web designer and UX researcher.







My name is Patrice. Grew up in south Seatttle, currently live in Tukwila. I’m a huge sports fan, enjoying hiking, listening to music, nerding out on current events, and just overall, being awkward.








Our Board of Directors




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Julia Hodges
Executive Director
Julia attended the University of Washington, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Community Psychology and Media and Communications Studies in 2013. Soon after graduating, Julia, along with a few other UW alumni, founded Empower Mentoring Program. Julia decided that in the forming years of the organization, the program should be offered where her heart lies, at her former middle school, Denny International Middle School. Today, Julia balances her time by working with Empower Mentoring Program, and being the lead teacher at MightyKidz Childcare in Magnolia. In her free time she enjoys cooking, reading, sewing, and most of all, hiking all the trails in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Kim Co
Serving since August 2015
Board Chair
Kim works at the Department of Social and Health Services. She has been in the social & human services field for almost 10 years. She also has some teaching experience as an Enrichment Teacher for Community Day School Association a few years prior. Kim has a Master in Education of Instructional Leadership from Argosy University & a Bachelor in English from University of Washington in Seattle. Kim is not only a board member on our program committee, she is also actively involved in other organizations in the community. Things that are important to her are spending quality time with family & friends, maintaining her social interactions in the community, and help the people in need as much as she can. Kim likes to read, cook, and gardening, home decorating, and event planning. Kim enjoys hiking, sightseeing & connect herself with the beauty of Mother Nature, and do small runs to help raise funds for a good cause. A couple of her goals are being able to travel around the world and start a small business as an event planner. Kim’s motto is to: “Live a simple life gracefully! Laugh wholeheartedly! Love generously!”

Leah Haberman
Serving since August 2018


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